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Experienced Wine Growing & Wine Making Services

I will work with you through the entire process, from land purchase assessments to planting and managing the nuances for the yearly growing cycle including all steps to harvest.

From the harvest of the grapes to the finished wine in the bottle, I excel at creating wines of distinction and quality in a cost efficient manner.


Wine Growing Services:

• Vineyard Layout
• Soil And Geological Assessment
• Sustainable, Organic, & Biodynamic Protocols
• Spraying Programs And Irrigation Templates
• Yearly Farm Plan Development
• Clone & Scion Selection
• Soil Fertility and Vine Nutrition
• Pruning Strategies
• Growing Season Observations And Harvest Plans
• Certification,Innovation,Experimentation Programs

Wine Growing Services

Wine Making Services

Wine Making Services:

• Processing Equipment And Technologies
• Processing Protocols & Fermentation Procedures
• Pressing Options And Aging Strategies
• Blending Trials And Assemblage
• Third-Party Custom Processing Options
• Capacity Planning
• Wine style Determination
• Wine Lot Review
• Fining Trials, Pre-Bottling And Packaging Decisions
• Organoleptic Evaluation Training

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